Harvey House Candied Sweet Potatoes

Harvey House Candied Sweet Potatoes I ran across this NYT site that I had to save and share! Thanksgiving Recipes Across the United States – The New York Times I’m trying… I grew up with southern candied yams and continued making them the way my mother did, which took some care and babysitting; with basically, sweet potatoes, butter, brownContinue reading “Harvey House Candied Sweet Potatoes”

Roasted Carrots with Blood Orange and Honey

INGREDIENTS   approx 6 large carrots 2-3 tbsp olive oil Blood Orange Juice of orange Honey to taste S & P INSTRUCTIONS  Preheat the oven to 350° Peel the carrots. Cut each one into halves widthways, then each piece in half lengthways. If your carrots are very thick, you may like to cut each piece lengthwise again. PlaceContinue reading “Roasted Carrots with Blood Orange and Honey”