Tick-Tock Tikka House

Shout out to this Indian, Afghan, Pakistan, Halal restaurant. The food was better than we expected; will definitely order again. It’s even better than their pictures. Larger servings too.

Spicy chili chicken

Garlic blast naan

933 E University Dr Tempe AZ * another location in Mesa AZ * (914) 217-1965

Biryani with tandoori chicken – & it says with pieces or “chunks” of chicken, mine had a whole drumstick & thigh. 🍗🐔🍚


And we did do again 😆

Too spicy to share with Bear, but…I did get a mango lassi this time! 🥵🥭🥛

My son got the spicy chili chicken also AND butter chicken 😋

However, all this being said, we are going with actual restaurants next. Couple problems with this being some type of pop-up; delivery services; first time Uber eats driver couldn’t find it (my daughter has done Doordash, it’s not hard, but you do have to get off your ass once in a while & first driver evidently didn’t; we can watch them thru app & sure the name might not be on outside but the ste number is, AND after abandoning order, new driver (with higher score) found it quickly & made decent progress considering first driver, Hussein, took an hour, making for late dinner. We ordered again bc food was GOOD! Albeit this time the restaurant for our yogurt dressing; important with food this spicy, not to mention it states it comes with it AND we requested extra. So with an order for 3 people at over $80.00 … it’s the least they could do. We’re usually quite forgiving, but have an extremely limited menu, no number or people to talk to & a problem both times.. it’s time to try out regular restaurants. Will update.


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