Pork Steak w/Onion Gravy

They’re so big that me & my daughter split one πŸ˜‰

Pork Steak AND Onion Gravy Recipe adapted from – πŸ‘‰ the Anthony Kitchen

Already chopped onion from freezer; yay!
Better than Bouillon vegetable base & a little of the beef πŸ˜‹

I seared seasoned pork, removed to a plate, and then put them back in the pan of gravy; because family isn’t all home at same time.

SautΓ©ed onion

Made a roux aka stirred in flour, then I whisk the broth in…half of it at a time. Taste for seasoning, adjustment if necessary. Full recipe version is at link above. Not that I needed it because it’s same as mushroom or other gravies 😜

I needed some color there πŸ˜† we were hot, tired & hungry. πŸ˜› Served it with egg noodles and creamed corn🌽 Salad on side πŸ₯—


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