Recipe Reload 😉   👉  https://dawnspitfire.wordpress.com/2014/10/14/goulash   I used pasta shells instead of elbow; i like either one! Grew up w/my dad always making it with shells…so there’s that memories based “thing”; just like Bobby has with his mum 🥰 In place of the soy sauce in Bobby Deen’s recipe, I use a tablespoon each ofContinue reading “Goulash”


Jambalaya 😋 we REALLY like it. I’m wondering if anyone that glances at my blog knows (hence the title) that I am basically jotting down notes, for me & my family, for future reference on recipes or dishes 🤔 yup 😊 On this one, I went cajun, I brown chicken and sausage first in aContinue reading “Jambalaya”