Kick Ass Olive Lemon Chicken

Let me start out by saying my lemons are all turning yellow; meaning I’m about to get rained on by lemons; that being said…and wanting to use my garlic stuffed olives, I started out to make a simple chicken & olives, BUT I couldn’t resist adding some lemon juice & zest.

Wish you could smell through screen; as soon as I pick them…the scent hits me.
So…I seasoned chicken well (GARLIC), less salt because of olives 😉 squeezed some lemon juice over chicken, then poured the olives (any kind) over chicken, along with some of the juice/brine. Then I let zest rain on them 🍋 i couldn’t leave well enough alone & I got out the za’atar! A little paprika….Put in 400° oven until internal temperature reached 165°. It was 30 – 40 minutes; depends on size & kind of chicken. Served it with rice. Chicken rice a roni to be exact.

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