LASAGNA WITH RICOTTA AND MOZZARELLA – Lasagna con Ricotta e Mozzarella

– adapted from Lidia 👉 RECIPE Except I had parm and asiago (because we like it SO MUCH) 🧀 from local Italian grocer 😉 Dolce Vita Or ➡️ Grandma’s Best Lasagna is my usual recipe, close 😋 👌 to Lidia’s, but dried pasta, ‘little’ differences 🤷‍♀️😜 I used less sauce… until my daughter moved inContinue reading “LASAGNA WITH RICOTTA AND MOZZARELLA – Lasagna con Ricotta e Mozzarella”

What I’ve been eating…

I’ve got more to add 🤣 and recipes

Chicken Cacciatore

🤔 I sautéed the mushrooms first, then set aside. Next I browned chicken parts on both sides in olive oil. Add mushrooms back to pot, a lg can of tomato paste, tomato sauce and I add chicken stock to desired thickness; for some reason me and my family like the sauce thin with this. ThenContinue reading “Chicken Cacciatore”

Lighter Chicken Parm?

Well…I try 😆 I made marinara sauce with usual ingredients, but a pinch of coconut palm sugar instead of regular. And I dredged chicken in SEASONED (including grated parm) arrowroot flour. I used good olive oil 🫒 😋