Adapted from bobbiskozykitchen NOTE: since my daughter moved in, I haven’t been doing the “crispy” step 😉 she likes it juicy, and it’s all good to me 😋 instead…ours drip like birria 😜🌮🌮🌮 I also use dried chile pods, then strain them out. I sear my meats before placing in slow cooker. 4 pound porkContinue reading “SLOW COOKER PORK CARNITAS TACOS”

Roast Chicken with Blood Orange, Radish, Fennel & Carrot

No recipe necessary really, or go by my previous post for chicken drumsticks 🤣🍗🐔 😋 Except this time I tried blood orange,, fennel and radish with vegetables (carrots & potatoes). That and a SALAD 🥗 😋