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I’ve got more to add 🤣 and recipes

Chicken Cacciatore*

*Recipe reload ⤵️ My recipe comes from my dad  🤣 people serve it with pasta and some with mashed potatoes…so I’ve read Our preference, again…probably childhood thing, which, in turn, I created my own kids’ that childhood “thing” 🤭 sense memory stuff? We prefer smooth penne. https://dawnspitfire.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/simple-chicken-cacciatore Or I recommend following the recipe in videoContinue reading “Chicken Cacciatore*”

Chicken Cacciatore

🤔 I sautéed the mushrooms first, then set aside. Next I browned chicken parts on both sides in olive oil. Add mushrooms back to pot, a lg can of tomato paste, tomato sauce and I add chicken stock to desired thickness; for some reason me and my family like the sauce thin with this. ThenContinue reading “Chicken Cacciatore”