Chicken Cacciatore*

*Recipe reload ⤵️

“Make it work” – I had casarecce

My recipe comes from my dad  🤣 people serve it with pasta and some with mashed potatoes…so I’ve read Our preference, again…probably childhood thing, which, in turn, I created my own kids’ that childhood “thing” 🤭 sense memory stuff? We prefer smooth penne.

Or I recommend following the recipe in video below 😉 …                                    I was too lazy (truth 👉 tired and we’re under a heat advisory – 115°) 😜 to add the parsley 🍃🌿🌱 also, for balance, sometimes more than others, depending on tomatoes (acidity of tomatoes 🍅 especially if you’re stuck with cannned) etc., I add a dollop of butter, pinch of sugar and more seasonings – GARLIC 😍 Taste, taste, taste…throughout.                   👉 Remember “salt,fat,acid,heat” 🌶

Thats my mother’s handwriting (she’s gone) & to clarify a couple things…chicken = any parts you prefer. We always did a mix of white & dark meat. Remove skin.
Pasta = we always used penne.
And where it says “small can of water” = the tomato paste can.
Till done = approximately 90 minutes

BTW…me and my sister are in disagreement about mushrooms in it. I clearly remember my dad putting mushrooms in it. She’s adamant he didn’t ….


Can’t go by it not being written down. My mother wrote it, not my dad.
*added later- my sister called my twin in Yuma AZ & he said “yes, it has mushrooms”. With my sister being a Taurus. …she’s standing her ground no matter what anyone says.



Cacciatore Dish – Cacciatore means “hunter” in Italian. In cuisine, alla cacciatora refers to a meal prepared “hunter‑style”…

There’s been times, I had to make it work in a little different ways. From what tomato products I had …

My helper 😍

To what pasta I had…
And what chicken parts I had; bone-in is BEST; otherwise I have to try to copy the original flavor…like with a LITTLE chicken stock 🤔



Now…I only make it when I have all the ingredients I prefer 🥰


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