Frozen Fish Fillets in Ninja Foodi

Like with french fries, it works better than any other option; I mean aside from deep frying…which is not healthy. What I tried NEW was making fish & chips together. I put the fries in basket first & fish on top of fries. It worked! Halfway through I flipped the fillets & stirred the fries. Both came out crispy. By the way, the new Bud Battered fillets by Seapak are GOOD 👍👌😋 Easy! About 15 to 20 minutes, when crispy & golden brown.

Oh…the crabcakes are better homemade 🦀 🤫🤭

BAMM‼️ Darn good when you don’t feel like cooking. 😉

By the way, no tartar sauce? Mix mayo or Miracle Whip with a little sweet pickle relish


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